a corny love poem. 

truly is
many a splendored thing
from a 
dark and lonely cave I come
from a dark
and dreary place
of hell 
and torment
of ridicul
afraid of love
afraid of
the sun
coming out to greet me
and I met him
and I knew he was to be my love
and it was cosmic,
yes cosmic
and one day in harlem
he asked me
and I said yes, I said yes 
I truly said I would
and love grew
not because he was my hero, this man 
but because I allowed 
I let
I let love in so simply and truly
I let love in 
and from my belly
and from that love
grew two of the most amazing things in the world 
and although they make me grey
and frazzled
and yes, sometimes I lose my mind just a little bit
I still wouldn't trade all the frazzled moments
not even for one moment without it all


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