A letter to my former self

Dear little girl:

one day
you will get out
I promise
one day
and one day, you will laugh
you will
one day
one day, little girl, you will be beautiful and feel pretty inside
and the monster voices of the monsters that raised you
will all disappear
will all fade away because you
will have shushed them
one day little girl,
you will have peace
one day
and one day, you will feel
and see
and love
and know
what it is
to have a choice
one day
one day little girl
you will
one day little girl
love will come
one day
one day little girl, your tears will turn to laughter
your sorrow will turn to dancing
as you begged and pleaded as a child
to a nameless god
knowing not weather he or she or it
was listening
one day little girl
one day you have hope
one day
one day, you will draw again
and paint again
you will
one day
I promise.
One day
you'll be content and
one day you'll be me
sitting at your table
writing a poem
about how once upon a time
you were sad.


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