A gilded Frida and what my mornings look like

I finally put Frida on canvas. I am very, very proud of this one. So much so, that I started another Frida, inspired by this one. 
This is mixed media on canvas, and will be for sale at the Artisan market at La Casa Azul bookstore. I have some more canvas that I prepped this morning, and I am really excited for them. I have several projects up my sleeves, which means lack of sleep. This is okay with me, because I love late nights and early mornings. I realize that this is a bit of a conflict. I mean, how can you love BOTH the early morning AND the late night? Well, what can I say. I do. This is also why I always wanted to be a baker. I love the early mornings in manhattan, you know the times before the sun rises, and there aren't many folks out on the street yet. 
I love that. I love mornings because my kids sleep in, so I get the morning to myself. Well, no not really. Dharma wakes me up early. But she's okay. All she does is play with my measuring spoons and crawl around. I'm okay with that. 
The morning is such a relaxing time for me, a time to just make and drink my coffee, and read an encouraging book, write a bit, and get my head on straight for the rest of the day. 
Do you have any morning rituals? 


  1. I love a small piece of chocolate right when I get up...that's my ritual, lol! Love your Frida, can't wait to see your other canvases.