A Suprise Doll for Dakota

I just finished making this art doll for my five year old. The pattern is of my own design, from a drawing I made. I embroidered this lovely doll using DMC Threads, and some soft muslin fabric. I used fabric markers for her eyes and lips. 
She is imperfect, but perfectly so. I am thinking of making another one, a larger one this time with pony tails, and reddish hair. 
The whole time I was making this, my daughter had no idea I was making it for her. I didn't tell her. You want to know why? Because then she will say, "But mommy, I want her hair this color. And I want her eyes this color. And I don't like this." So, to avoid the typical five year old behavior, I just plain didn't tell her. I'd rather not. This way, I gave it to her and she was so happy and suprised to have a new stuffy. 
It is another cranky day for me, as once again my infant woke up in the middle of the night, ready for action. So, the mister and I were up until around 3 am, just trying to get her to sleep. So yeah, I'm on my second cup of coffee, and am quite cranky at the moment. 
Meanwhile, have you heard of Biscoff spread? OMG I want some right now. A facebook buddy of mine told me they have an imitation version in Trader Joe's but I'm hoping that the european markets in Little Odessa will have them. 


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