Pretty Painted Beads

So, recently I made these beads, because I love jewelry a whole lot. If you want to know how to make them yourself, I'd love for you to check out my post on the Clearsnap Blog HERE to read more on how I made them. I'll be putting them together into jewelry soon. 
Meanwhile, I'm feeling really overwelmed these days. Motherhood is a lot, especially when you choose to nurse your child, because it sometimes means your infant doesn't want to be left with a babysitter. She just wants her mommy. And while this is lovely and amazing and great and good, it can be overwelming to not have time for yourself at all. 
Now that school is out, it is frankly worst. My husband often has to work double shifts at work which was fine when school was in session because my kids went to bed early, and I had alone time. Now, they go to bed super f-ing late, and I have no time at all for myself, let alone any "just me" time. So send me some positive vibes, will you? 
Also, I'm going to be selling my art in an artisan market this summer. I'm so excited! This means I have to really make some new paintings, and find alternate things to paint on. See, I talk about painting and already I feel better. Ah, the therapeutic effects of art. 


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