Poetry Ridden Artist Trading Cards

So this is a project I made for a swap a long time ago, but never explained how I made it.
I thought I would take the time to do that today.
Okay, so this is a mixed media set of ATCs.
I used yarn, acrylic paints, and watercolor paper, cut up into ATC size.
The technique is simple.
I wrote a poem and printed it out, then cut up the phrases. Yarn is added, tied and glued onto the ATC paper; then, add the poem. After that it is then is painted over, with watered down acrylic paints (if you're using folk art paint though, you probably don't have to water it down all that much, as those "craft" paints tend to be on the watery side anyway).
You can choose to paint the yarn or not. I chose to paint it. I can't remember what fiber it is that I used, but I'm sure it was probably cotton or wool as those are my favorite fiber choices for a project such as this.
Anyway, that is that. You can add more to a project like this if you like.
I won't post the whole poem because it's rather personal. Sorry.
But I hope you like this little project, and if you make something like this for yourself, please post a link and show me your work!

Also, I should mention that this is an attempt to join a DT. It's for the wonderful Arnold Grummer products. Wish me luck!
They have a blog HERE.


  1. I love them! I do a lot of ATC's, but mine never seem to get that marvelous textural quality that these have!