On letting go

I wish more New Yorkers would apply this to their lives. Recently, I let go of a group that I had been organizing for quite some time. I'm still teaching, of course. I could NEVER let that go. But I had been organzing this group for so many years and still struggled with the turn out. Now that I have two kids, I really don't have time for that crap anymore. So I let it go, since the people that DID show up were people who are already on my FB page anyway.
So now, I will be turning ALL my attention to my art and poems. I have a few ideas, but to be honest, I struggle with my moods and when I don't get enough people interested, I lose heart, and get down about it.
But this time, I'm going to do it.
Like this quote says, I'm not going to let life get to me, or the surroundings of my world get to me. I'm down but not out.
And besides, when the time comes to start selling my art, prints, and kits, you all will support me, right?


  1. There are some pretty tough cookies in New York - but there are also some of the absolute most wonderful people in the world here! :-)

    So, you're going to start selling? I wish you all the best success!

  2. Sorry to see this Meetup group go just as I discovered it, but I definitely understand your frustration. Best of luck with your work in the future - I'll try to support you as I can!