Old Journals and The Healing Process

This is an old journal that I painted. It's not really done yet, because I want to make the heart embossed with red embossing powder, and maybe paint over the letters. Maybe spray a bit of smooch.
Some of you who follow me from my old blog may know that I had a pretty rough childhood.
If you didn't, you know now.
I did.
Being a writer since I even knew how to write, I have a lot of old journals, in which I wrote lots of bad poetry about my suffering, and old boyfriends.
I decided I wanted to NOT leave all that negative energy for my daughters to read one day. I just....don't want that.
So, I figured that I would gesso over the poems and sad journal entries, and make art over them. It's sort of a healing thing for me, I guess.
I just want to leave beauty in the world.
I don't want to leave negative energy behind, no matter what. One day, when my daughters are old enough, I will tell them my story.
For now, I'll just make art.


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