A Mystery Box and More

Recently, I ordered a mystery box from The Crafty Chica. I did this, not because I need art supplies, but because I LOVE gettting stuff in the mail. I miss my swapping days, when I'd get cool stuff in the mail.
The truth is, I stopped because it was rare that I would get anything good at all. And it stopped becoming fun, as a lot of times, people would complain, and turn it into a high school like sport.

The other thing I got, was a box of goodies from her, from the company she works for, Duncan. I got a huge bag of fabric markers!
Oh, yes please. I LOVE it. Now, my art dolls will be able to have a bit more color! Squee!

Thanks Kathy for the artsy love.


  1. Looks like you a great haul! Good for you.

    I only ordered a mixed bag lot once (I won't mention the company) - and got $50 worth (well, it was SUPPOSED to be $100 worth) of absolute garbage. Turned me off the whole surprise package idea LOL.

    But you did A-okay!