Mono Printed Twinchie Books

Remember the mono printing I did a little while ago? Well I finally got around to making something with the papers I printed.

I love that the pages are printed on already. I know the book is upside down, sorry about that. 
I made these twinchies in the style of a journal so that the owner could get some use out of it, rather than just have a book that does nothing but take up space. I do love to make useful things. 
Oh, and if you're not busy, head over to my facebook like page, and check out a fun little video blog I filmed yesterday. 
My kid last night, couldn't sleep, so she was up at 3 am, until 6:30 when my husband has to leave to go to work. Of course, this meant that I had to actually dialogue so early in the morning, when I normally am used to having the morning to myself. 
Right.  So, I am very grouchy. I'm on my second cup of coffee and even that doesn't seem like enough. I love my kids, but arg. It's days like this that you've to have that extra coffee. 
So yeah, these are going to be on their way out to their future owners, as this was made for a swap. 


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