Little Red Riding Hood

I'm experimenting with different eye types. You like it? This is little red riding hood. She's not perfect. I've got to fix her, I guess. My husband always encourages me saying, "Diana art is not supposed to be perfect." 
I've decided not to make anymore excuses and be happy with life. 
To be honest, life has been tough. New York is a lonely place. I love it here, but I hate it here all at the same time. 
I realized something this morning: crafts in NYC are pretty much done with. I realized this, because the stores I taught at went out of business. There's only one craft store left in NYC that isn't associated with yarn or knitting, and they are racist and unprofessional people who I chose not to be associated with. 
There's nothing left in New York. Years ago, there were MANY craft groups on meetup. There were lots of little shops, too. Now, there are hardly any craft groups, as most of them have closed down (mine included). 
The craft thing was a passing fad that now has passed on to the rest of the world, and NYC is so over it.
To be honest, I'm fine with it. This is because of what happened to me with my old blog. 
I honestly feel burned by the whole craft industry. I blogged for five years, and sure, I didn't start out with very much to offer, but as time went on, I showcased some cool projects and how tos. I see crafters with half the talent as I have, with book deals and BS that I could do twice as good, in a heart beat. 
Also, the name thing really bothered me. I loved that my name was unique. At least, I thought it was. So when this person put my alias onto her blog name, I didn't think anything of it. Until she turned it into a competition, and won. 
It's true that people with real talent don't get the follows. The ones with very little talent and all the right connections are the ones that get the recognition.
Maybe I'm just being a negative nelly. If I am, I'm sorry. 
I'm not saying I'm Pablo Picasso. AT ALL. I know I'm not the most amazing or best artist in the world, but I try. 
I love where I'm at right now. 
Crafts are fun, but I'm focusing on my art right now. This is what's right for me, and what makes me happy.


  1. don't feel so down or give up hope. "Crafts" may be dead in NYC but ART is ALIVE everywhere!

    i sometimes feel the same way - like only the already rich, only those with the right connections make it. i won't name names but when one of them got her book deal i felt betrayed - although, i really enjoy seeing their success and reading (most of) their books. i'm not rich, i'm not friends with super successful artists (yet) but instead of blaming my location and my slow start on following my true path i'm doing what i can where i can with what i have. i know you are, too. sometimes i think had i not wasted so many years of my life pouring my heart out on livejournal, had i had a blog instead? shit, i'd be banking it just off the adverts. i CAN write well but i can't get hung up on the fact that my blog gets very little traffic and that i don't have as much time to paint as i'd like to. i just do what i can <3