La Sirena

I wish you could see the awesomesauce that is this painting. For some reason, the picture didn't come out as splendidly as the painting. 
I finished her this morning, and started her last night. I realized something about my artistic process. I like to sketch out the artwork first, then sleep on it. THEN I paint it up. 
Anyway, as I started drawing this out, I asked myself what I would look like had I been given the parents my daughter has, and well...this is what came of it. 
So that's that. I think I like this style quite a bit. I'm going to teach a make up art journaling class today, then I'm going to Michael's. YES. I want to buy some wood to paint on. Oh, I said that already, didn't I? I also want to buy a quilting iron, so I can play around with beeswax on my paintings. 


  1. Beautiful! I love your style! I am definitely pinning this to my "It's A Mermaid Thing" board on Pinterest. :)
    ~Doreen at

  2. my son just walked up and said "mama, I love that mermaid!"