Girl with a Bird

I finished a painting of a girl recently.

I call this one, "Girl with a Bird" because she holds a bird in her hand. She holds the bird in her hand, in order to bring it home and heal it (the bird is hurt). 
She wears a beautiful purple dress, that symbolizes the power she holds inside of her. 

I am really inspired by what other artists have been doing with their work: they print their works teeny tiny, and them put them on jewelry pieces. 
Since I do so love to make jewelry, I'm thinking that I will be jumping on the bandwagon and doing the same thing. 
I'm not going to stick to just one piece that I've made, since that kinda gets boring; to me, it's a little boring to be seeing the same face in everything the artist does. Show a little variety, for christ's sake. 
No, I have small series of girls I'm currently working on, in addition to the ones I have now, and will be making some funky jewelry with them. 

So that's that. 
I'll be honest, I'm still really kind of hurt by what the person told me (see yesterday's post). Especially considering that when approached, they apologized but still continue to call my work "corny". You know what I have to say about that? This person is just jealous. You're jealous that I actually am doing something with my talent.
And who's to say who has more talent then whom? Does talent mean I can make the most intrigate artwork or is it that I use what I do have, and express a part of myself? I think the latter is what talent is. 
Talent doesn't mean I can do something amazingly; talent is that I use what I DO have to the best of MY ability. And if that is the case, I double and triple you. 
I may be a stay at home mom of two, but I make it work because I have to. If I don't make art (and knit & crochet)  will just about lose my mind. 


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