this is a poem about my invisible friend. I had a few of them as a kid, but this one was one that I had forgotten about, until for some reason I remembered while reading a wikipedia on Geronimo. So I named this poem after him. 

a tale of my Geronimo
he descended from the heavens to save me
watched over and protected me
when I was just a girl
a tale of my Geronimo
he was not god nor man
my geronimo was a tall dark man
a native of the land in which I reside
a tale of my Geronimo
when I cried he heard it
when I laughed he laughed
a tale of my Geronimo
tall, dark native man
watching over me
he stood over me tall and proud
so quiet I could barely remember 
seeing him
listening to him
whenever life brought me tears
almost like a papa
like he cared about me
this is the tale of my geronimo
and to him
I give my thanks.


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