Don't talk
to me
I do NOT want to hear
your voice on the phone, your
attitude that erks me 
belittling of my god, your
way of saying
"my god is bigger than yours" 

don't talk to me, your
voice conjurs memories of 
tears and sadness of 
names and labels unwanted
of belts used
and wooden spoons broken
and running from you 
and holding the door closed with my body weight 
in fear of you

so please
don't talk to me.
unlike others with whom I share my DNA, I
choose to not have 
selective memory, I 
remember it all very much.
so please.
don't talk to me.
and don't get it twisted:
I forgave you 
a long time ago
but no fictional god in heaven 
nor the Buddha in my heart
could erase the memories
of a childhood jaded. 
of a broken spirit
of a life
that you tried to steal from me
so don't
don't talk to me.


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