Bunny and Kitten

My daughter just asked me to make her a painting with a kitten and a bunny on it, and this is what I came up with:

I'm packing up my things to teach today.
On another note, I saw a documentary called "Food Matters" and I have been inspired to go back to my holistic roots.
I studied holistic medicine on my own for years, and as of late, kind of have been a bit lax on my eating habits. But I really do want to change that, and eat better. Maybe this will help my fibromyalgia, eh?
So the first step for me, is drinking water, and eating more raw foods.
Then, of course, I've got to stop eating so much goddamned sugar. Urg.
Sugar is too addictive. This doesn't mean I will stop baking. Of course not! Life is too short to completely X out chocolate cake once in a while. You know?


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